Evaluating our first year with Earthen Lamp

Someone leans over a desk and writes on reports that include graphs

You can’t move forward without first looking back at what you have learnt.

We’ve spent the last few months re-grouping and reflecting on how far we have come so far with our project.

We’re delighted to now share that our first ever evaluation report has just landed! A downloadable document which allows us to summarise (and learn from) everything we have done in our first year (April 2022 – March 2023).

Warwickshire-based market research company Earthen Lamp, has been closely following everything Shout Out for the Arts has been doing. Their team has been talking to our participants and documenting learnings for us in one final report.

This report is publicly available online for all to see.

Shout out for the Arts was an innovative project which aimed to put young people at the heart of their decision-making processes and provide young people with opportunities to meaningfully develop their interests and careers in the cultural sector. [It] offered a broad programme of activity, with many areas of valuable learning available as a result.”

Earthen Lamp

We will be digesting our lessons and returning soon with a new strategy and mission for the future. Until then!

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