Moreton Morrell College’s enthusiastic art exhibition

Four masks painted by students are joined together by fairy lights and in the middle is a graphic which says I heart 80s

Recently Shout Out for the Art Programme Manager Amy caught up with students at this college to see how their art practices were coming along.

“They planned to be inspired by other artists, learn new skills and be artistic!”


In April, I made my 4th visit to see the young people at the Gatherum Centre at Moreton Morrell College. It was like going to see old friends!

They have been working on their art projects for about 3 months and this exhibition was the culmination of lots of hard work and enthusiasm.

A coloured drawing of a poppy

“This showcase day has inspired so many of the young people to continue to express themselves through their art.”


I first met this group of 16 individual Arts Ambassadors back in November. They were all really keen on the arts and had so many ideas.

They decided that they wanted to hold an exhibition that would incorporate all of the things they wanted to show.

They planned to:

  • Put on a photographic exhibition
  • Work with wool
  • Create models
  • Draw and paint
  • Be inspired by other artists
  • Learn new skills and be artistic!

Incredibly, all these facets were incorporated into the art I saw today.

On a green wall are some selfie photographs taken by a student as well as a drawn portrait of someone with blue hair and green lips
A student in a green jacket sits by a record player outside
A sketch of a Dalmatian dog

I saw beautiful drawings and paintings, fantastic photographs (plus artwork inspired by photography), hand-felted jellyfish, meticulous modelling, the most stunning plant pot decoupage and so much more!

Their works were displayed to carefully-chosen soundtracks in each of the exhibition spaces. These photographs speak for themselves!

Two paintings, one of a snake and one of a root vegetable

“When Krista [our teacher] told me she thought I’d be good at face painting, I thought I’d give it a go. I’m loving it – I want to continue to do this!”


This showcase day has inspired so many of the young people to continue to express themselves through their art.

Hopefully this art exhibition will become a cornerstone of the student experience at the Gatherum Centre.

Well done Moreton Morrell – you all deserve medals (I hope the Shout Out for the Arts badges will suffice)!

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