200 young people, 1 epic year

Thank you to everyone who has been part of Shout Out for the Arts so far! Over the last 12 months we have been empowering young people in Warwickshire to shape the future of arts and culture. Here’s what our year looked like!

A writer talks to a room of young people
Our Arts Careers Fairs invited 77 young people to explore future careers in the arts.
Students at Heathcote Primary School produced their very own arts festival for the community.

The year in detail

In 2022/2023, Shout Out for the Arts has:

  • Given young people the opportunity to take the lead in shouting for what they want from the arts (and giving them the skills to advocate for it!)
  • Recruited and developed children and young people to be leaders and co-producers in the arts
  • Given young people the chance to produce events via training workshops in school and then supporting them to deliver their own art activities in their settings
  • Trained young young people to work as trustees and placed them in organisations where they can made a difference with their voices
  • Created a podcast which had young people at the heart of it
  • Ran two creative careers events that explored pathways into the arts
  • And much more!
Young people stand in a studio theatre in a circle talking to one another
Our Arts Careers Fairs took place across two locations in February 2023. Photography by Chin Badger Media.
Students at a workshop with Shout Out for the Arts are writing on paper on a wooden floor
Students at Avon Valley School plan their drama series they intend to tour to other schools. Photo: Avon Valley School.
Two practitioners stand over students looking at the work they are creating in an art workshop
A workshop with Escape Arts encourages students to experiment with different art mediums. Photo: Chin Badger Media.
A student draws a picture on a piece of paper with coloured pens
Escape Arts drawing workshop. Photo by Chin Badger Media.
Three students take part in a dance workshop with two dancers, they are all moving their arms and feet
Students from Nuneaton take part in Motionhouse dance workshops. Photo: Arts Reach.
Two school children sit at a wooden table and record a podcast, they are being guided by an adult podcast producer
School students learn from a podcast producer how to record. Photo: Shout Out for the Arts.

Our new trailer

We’re reaching a transition period in our project – we are looking back at all of these successes and also re-writing a brand new mission for 2023/2024.

To celebrate this important moment, we’re delighted to release today our new trailer which has been created by local videography company Chin Badger Media. This video celebrates just some of the amazing work created by our young people in the last year.

We filmed on location at three Shout Out for the Art projects, asking children and young people – why are the arts important? What does the arts mean to you? What sort of careers would you explore in the arts?

2022/2023 in numbers!

202 young people directly involved in the project

6 podcast episodes created by young presenters

470+ young people impacted by the project’s activities

19 young trustees trained and 9 placed on boards

4 road shows where we connected with 58 young people

2 creative careers events reaching 77 young people


  • An arts festival
  • A lunchtime arts club 
  • Drama to help children transition to secondary school
  • A programme of arts skills workshops designed and led by young people
  • An art exhibition
  • A street art mural
Two people draw on paper as part of an arts workshop
An arts careers workshop by Escape Arts. Photos by Chin Badger Media.
Young people stand in a circle talking about their careers, in the background in a blue screen
Young people join a workshop about careers and apprenticeships at the RSC.
Two school students sit at a wooden desk talking into microphones whilst a podcast producer listens with headphones behind them
Young podcast presenters record an episode at Market Hall Museum in Warwick.
Students create dance as part of a workshop in a large room with wooden walls and floor
A workshop with Motionhouse invited young people to consider a career in dance. Photo: Chin Badger Media.
Students at Kineton High School design a mural with guidance from graffiti artists. Photo: Shout Out for the Arts.

What a year!

We can’t wait to see what 2023/2024 holds.

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