10 things you’ll take away from our Arts Careers Fair

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Less than two weeks to go before our creative careers events in Stratford-upon-Avon and Nuneaton. Thinking of booking one of the last remaining places? Here are 10 things you can expect to experience if you come along.

1. Networking with artists, poets and writers

An amazing line-up of art professionals will be joining our fairs. As well as speeches to listen to and workshops to take part in, there are stallholders there all day who are ready to talk to you about your interest in the arts industry. Their journeys might influence where you see your future career headed. See the full list of names.

2. Free jobs advice!

As well as these artists and writers, there also will be professional organisations on hand all day to give you real practical advice on your next steps. Chat to colleges, theatres, apprenticeship schemes, arts companies and more.

3. Meet those who share your interests

As the young people of Warwickshire who are passionate about the arts come together under one roof, you might even make a new friend. Make it your mission to say hello to one new person!

4. A conference experience

This might be your first time at a conference – a large event where individuals and business come together to talk and learn. Just getting yourself to the venue for the day, sharing an experience with others and listening to speakers could be a big step for you have never attended an event like this before.

5. Learn something new in a hands-on art workshops

There are interactive workshops taking place. Interactive means you won’t be sat down listening, but actively taking part, getting involved and/or creating something. Choose from a selection of workshops on the day – you might pick something that interests you, or choose to learn a new skill, like dance!

6. Talk to those who provide apprenticeships

There are organisations attending the fairs who have apprenticeship schemes, like the BBC and the Royal Shakespeare Company. If you have got your sights set on an apprenticeship, you could gain real value meeting and talking to these companies in particular.

7. Open your eyes to a subject you hadn’t considered

When it comes to genres within ‘the arts’, there is a real range present at our Arts Careers Fair. Novel writing, poetry, paper art, illustration, public art, dance, theatre, graffiti, installation art, videography, technical studies and more. You might just discover a passion for something you hadn’t even thought of before.

8. Get a good knowledge of the UK arts scene 

Who are Motionhouse and why are they such an important company in the dance industry? What do Escape Arts do within the arts in Warwickshire? What is it like to work for the Royal Shakespeare Company and what do they do as an organisation? Learn all of this and more by encountering an event that is solely focused on names in the arts sector.

9. Add to your CV!

Attending a careers fair helps you develop lots of new skills for your CV – you will learn a lot just by taking part in the workshops and having the confidence to talk to businesses, artists and new people. This is an experience to, not just add to your CV, but also to talk about in future job interviews.

10. Free stuff

Have we saved the best ‘till last?! We are in the process of securing lots of exciting free prizes for a special raffle that will be drawn at the end of the event. Hang on ‘till the end and you might win free theatre tickets or gift vouchers to spend on arts materials.


Was that all enough to tempt you in? See you there!

Already booked? Prepare yourself for the day with our handy guide.

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