Why the arts matters to Heathcote

Six students stand on a stage for their school assembly and behind them is a presentation showing the words ‘arts for all’

Passionate and ambitious students at this primary school in Warwick have been spreading the word to their school and community about why they love the arts.

Arts 4 All Festival

Just before Christmas, we attended the Arts 4 All Festival launch assembly at Heathcote Primary School.

The students are producing and running an arts festival to be held at their school next month. More details coming soon!

A group of six students huddle together to smile to the camera

Why the arts matters

“The arts for me means to be free and creative.”

Heathcote Students

After the launch assembly, we got together with the Arts Ambassadors and company Earthen Lamp to talk about why the arts was important to the young people individually.

They talked about what an arts festival meant to, not just them and their school, but also the new community of Heathcote, Warwick.

Here are just some of the things that were said during that inspiring meeting.

  • We like the arts a lot and we want to spread it. It was […] a responsibility that we wanted to take on. Telling everyone about it. How good it can make your life. 
  • Some kids might not […] be able to do the arts. Living in places where they won’t be able to afford stuff. […] You want them to be able to enjoy the stuff we can enjoy. 
  • Success [for the festival we are making] would be for everyone to go out of this school, thinking ‘wow we’re a great school, we really take pride in what we’re doing. ‘
  • Arts is not ‘being good’, […] it’s about enjoying the things that you do. I want everyone to just enjoy what they do and everyone to respect that some people might not be on the same level as others.
  • Because of this arts festival […] we can reach out and know other people from the school. We’re making more friends. 
  • It’s also made me feel more responsible and all of us we have bonded together more. We all talk a bit more. 
  • Our community is growing. The arts should grow a bit more so more people will understand about it. 
  • We believe that the arts can make someone really happy inside.
  • The arts can bring lots of people together.
  • Art for me is mindfulness and me time.
  • The arts for me means to be free and creative. 
  • The arts to me means something where anyone can express, there’s no right and wrong.
  • Arts for me means having fun and expressing your feelings.
  • Arts to me means […] you can do whatever you want – unleash your inner imagination.

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