#ArtsCareersFair: Meet Julia Snowdin

An artist stands in front of her art installation which is made of illuminated circles

Not long to go until our Arts Careers Fairs in Nuneaton and Stratford-upon-Avon. In advance of the event, we want to introduce you to the artists, professionals and companies who you will meet on the day.

When and where?

You will have the opportunity to meet artist Julia Snowdin in Stratford-upon-Avon.

A child is looking at an illuminated art exhibition which is made of circular lights up above
Light Pavilion at The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum.

About Julia Snowdin

“At the careers fair I will be speaking about a-day-in-the-life of an artist and how I got here. I’ll have a stand throughout the day where you can come and ask me as many questions as you like.”

Julia Snowdin

“I create unexpected and unimaginable spaces for communities, families, friends and strangers to come together for a shared experience and to leave with a story,” says Julia,

“The audience aren’t just observers they become part of the installation through play, this allows them to experience more and to connect with the art and fellow audience members in a really engaging way, evoking feelings and creating memories.”

Large colourful shapes with smaller sensory shapes on them are on the floor of a church
Do Touch at the Anglican Church.

What to expect at the fairs

“At the Shout Out for the Arts careers fair I will be speaking about a-day-in-the-life-of-an-artist and how I got here.

The summer, winter and spring are all very different for me, I’ll go through a day as an artist through each of these seasons. I’ll take you on my journey to becoming a full time artist and give as many tips as I can to getting here.

I’ll have a stand throughout the day where you can come and ask me as many questions as you like.”

See you there

Meet Julia and so many more, this February. Reserve your spot online today.

A large dome outside at a festival is made from colourful dots of colour
Dot Dome at Art in the Park.
An art installation is made from large white pieces of material cut into triangles
Changing Sails at Liverpool’s Tall Ships Festival.

Photos: Julia Snowdin.

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