A youth-led board meeting with Heathcote

Students sit in a classroom looking at the front of the room

Live graphic designing, planning careers fairs and rewriting the mission of Shout Out for the Arts – we covered it all in last night’s board meeting!

Seven members of our Youth Board got together this week at Heathcote Primary School to discuss all of the things happening in the world of Shout Out for the Arts Warwickshire.

As a youth-led project, our board meet regularly to guide the direction of, and make important decisions about, the work we (they!) do.

Students look at a screen in a classroom which has two faces on it
Students talk about creating a podcast.

After warm-up and intros, the group firstly heard snippets from our first ever podcast.

Podcast professional Danny gave them some top tips about how to be a podcast host. He also talked about how they could get involved with and help lead the future podcasts currently being planned.

The second part of the meeting saw the ambassadors give live feedback on the podcast’s new logo.

After lots of great ideas, you can see from the before and after that they really injected some energy into the new branding.

A colourful graphic shows paint splats and the words ‘unravel the arts’ in white
The original logo for our new podcast.
A colourful graphic shows paint splats, musical notes, a dancer, theatre masks and an icon of a museum and the words ‘unravel the arts’ in white
Now completely refreshed by our board.

“We believe that young voices matter just as much as adult voices.”

Quote from last night’s meeting

One of the greatest reflections of our meeting came when we stopped to revisit our original mission statement: “We should be listening to young people about what they want from the arts, culture and heritage and how they want to access it.” We talked about whose voice this was – does it sound like it has been written by adults? What words could we change to improve it?

We have lots to think about and re-write based on the feedback of our ambassadors and board members – new version, direct from their lips, coming soon!

Last, but by no means least, we discussed the line-up for our upcoming careers fairs. What did the young people want from these events? Which types of arts professionals should there be at the fairs? What is a career in the arts?

It’s safe to say we have lots to get on with! Thanks to our board for another energetic, insightful and inspiring meeting, and a special shout out to Heathcote and their students for having us.

Photos: Shout Out for the Arts.

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