Young people at the heart of decision-making in Kineton and Wolvey

A child uses a spray can of red paint on a wall

We wanted to give a special shout out to just some of the schools that have been on the Shout Out for the Arts journey with us this year. This is what they have been up to!

All of the below schools have taken part in Shout Out for the Arts workshops in 2022.

Our practitioners have worked with them to develop skills, give guidance, ignite ideas and often support them with funding to get the students’ art projects started.

We continue to work with them and can’t wait to see what they bring in 2023.

Kineton High School

These dedicated arts ambassadors in Kineton are leading on creating an art mural for their new-build entrance hall. 

Their plan is to form a group of students to oversee the project and then workshops to create the design itself.

A mural artist will be joining the students in January to finalise the design and support the students with their final creation.

The artist will guide the students on how to use spray cans, how to work on a large piece, what an artist’s assistant does, and so much more.

Wolvey Primary School

This school are hoping to put on a gallery event to celebrate the opening of their new arts studio.

Parents, carers, friends and members of the Wolvey community will be invited along to see their wonderful artwork and explore their new art studio, which the children will have designed and helped to renovate. An art project that involves the whole school will be used to decorate the new studio. 

The children will create all of the artwork for the event themselves and be in control of advertising and running the event too!

And more!

And in case you missed it, don’t forget to read our recent blog about what Avon Valley School has been up to.

We are also looking forward to working with Claremont Youth Hub and Moreton Morell College (WCG) who both have their first Shout Out for the Arts workshops this month.

Next week we will also announce details of what Heathcote Primary School’s arts ambassadors have been up. Stay tuned!

A practitioner writes on a white board with a pen
A recent session at a school in Warwick.
Students at a workshop with Shout Out for the Arts are writing on paper on a wooden floor
Students at Avon Valley School & Performing Arts College.
A monochrome image of students sitting on the floor writing on pieces of paper
A school workshop for Shout Out for the Arts.

Header photo by Amelia Ailema, Unsplash.

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