Art with an important message from Avon Valley School

A group of students sit in a circle and listen to a practitioner who is telling them about Shout Out for the Arts

This year we have been working with a school in Rugby, whose students are using theatre to talk about current issues felt within their peer groups.

Students at Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College have been utilising their Shout Out for the Arts funding to send an important message out to the world.

A group of four students sit on a bench on a sports hall and talk to each other as part of an arts workshop

The students have been workshopping and creating plays that highlight issues that they felt were important to young people coming into high school, such as peer pressure.

“We were really struck by how the students wanted to use their own experiences to inform and support younger children in an encouraging and comedic way!”

Amy, Shout Out for the Arts

Their plan is to produce the plays and then tour them to local primary schools in Rugby. Watch this space for more updates soon!

In the meantime, these wonderful photos capture just how hard they have been working.

Well done everyone!

Students at a workshop with Shout Out for the Arts are writing on paper on a wooden floor
A group of five students in black and white uniform perform a scene as part of an art workshop
A student reads to the class from a piece of paper

Photography by Avon Valley School & Performing Arts College.

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