Learn by doing – authentic podcasting with ‘Form a Circle’

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Podcast creator and actor, Danny Easton, from Form a Circle talks about his journey into podcasting and working with Shout Out for the Arts.

Our Youth Board has been working with Danny to create our new podcast, Unravel the Arts, which will go behind the scenes of arts organisations in Warwickshire.

In this blog, the Form a Circle founder talks about how he started podcasting, plus the challenges and rewards of creating a podcast.

The first step

As an actor experiencing lockdown in 2020, I found myself at home when I should have been on stage. Along with many others, I decided to start my own podcast and fell in love with the medium.

I found that I had some skill with it, maybe due to my background as a performer, and this led to opportunities to create work for other outlets. This then led me to starting my own business producing audio content for individuals and organisations.

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Form a Circle began making podcasts during Covid when founder Danny wasn’t able to be on stage.

“I think Shout Out for the Arts is a brilliant initiative. Young people are the future of all creative industries and it’s so important to put them front and centre and create as many opportunities as possible.”

Danny Easton

Working with Shout Out for the Arts

Myself and Sophie (from the Royal Shakespeare Company) have been talking to our new podcast hosts. We have all been getting a feel for what kind of show it is we want to create – talking about the kinds of questions we want to ask and thinking about how we engage our target audience, which is other young indviduals interested in the creative industries.

The thing I am looking forward to the most is working more with the podcast hosts. I think it’s great that individuals from the Shout Out for the Arts group will be leading each episode. Their voice and authorship of this project will be a real treat for the listeners.

We have our first episode scheduled to record on the 19th of November at the RSC, talking to members of staff from the departments of Automation and Wigs and Wardrobe.

A person in a white hat talks into a microphone as part of a podcast recording
Portrait of Danny by Freeze Frame Media.

Go with the flow

Of course, every podcast isn’t without its challenges! When it comes to recording audio, some things you can’t plan or foresee, but I am confident in our brilliant team, we will be able to adapt.

We aren’t shying away from the fact that these episodes are being captured in the field, on location, so if something does crop up on the day, we will include it in the narrative of the episode. It all adds to the experience / storytelling!

I’m really keen for the process to be as close to the real thing as possible, so the hosts can get a feel for what it’s actually like recording a podcast. I hope that they come away with a passion for the medium and feel like they had real ownership and autonomy in the creative process.

Just do it

There are so many platforms that allow you capture and record your podcast for free like Anchor or Zencastr – or even just on your phone. There is no barrier to getting started in terms of gear and equipment. As long as it’s an idea that excites you – you’ve got everything you need! 

If you are reading and thinking of starting a podcast, I have one top tip for you – start! If you have an idea or a subject that you are really passionate about, get stuck in. You’ll learn so much by doing. 

Danny Easton

One subject matter doesn’t make for ‘better’ podcasting, either. I think great audio is rooted in good storytelling, effective communication and understanding your audience, no matter what you are talking about. If you have passion about your subject then the rules are the same – if it’s about the arts, Web 3 or NFTs!


We start recording Unravel the Arts this week. Our podcasts we will be visiting various arts institutions in the flesh, poking around backstage, and giving the listener an authentic, immersive experience. No Zoom call interview to be heard!

Words by Danny Easton, Form a Circle.
Header photo on this webpage by Emmie Coll & Phil Gale.

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