What is our ‘Young Trustee Development Programme’?

A group of young people sit at desks whilst an adult at the front sticks post-it notes onto a whiteboard

Last week we announced details of an amazing opportunity for 16-25 year olds.

Our recent blog told you all about our new training programme in December that helps young people become trustees and sit on the boards of arts organisations.

What’s a ‘trustee’?

A trustee is someone who collaborates with a team of others to oversee and develop a charitable organisation. The exact set of tasks varies by organisations, but will always include regular meetings to hear about what the organisation is up to and discuss the right approach for big decisions.

Why become one?

This programme will give you real, practical, experience of working with an organisation in a role that can influence what that organisation does. You will gain confidence, communication skills and a great knowledge of decision making processes.

This will look great on your CV but also give you something tangible to talk about in interviews for jobs, apprenticeships or university courses. The skills and knowledge covered will help you in almost any industry, not just a career in the arts.

What happens after the training day?

We’re hoping that you love being a trustee and will want to join the board of an organisation. You might be able to join the board of your host organisation from this project, or we’ll help you prepare your CV to apply to others.

The training day will also be followed by online monthly support calls and regular meetings.

How much will this cost?

Nothing. And we will fund your travel costs and support you with equipment if you need it.

Interested? Fill in the online form from Upstart Projects and someone will get back to you.

Header photo by Jason Goodman, Unsplash.

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