It’s time to be heard – what is the Youth Advisory Board?

A group of young people stand for a group photo and they all look to the camera and smile

In this blog, we want to tell you all about the RSC’s Youth Advisory Board. This is the first blog written by a member of our (Shout Out for the Arts’) Youth Board. It’s also the first blog that supports our new mission of having no more than 500 words (we are writing short blogs after discussing that this was important in our last meeting). Enough of an introduction! Over to Saanvi.

The Youth Advisory Board, known as the YAB for short, is a group of 30 Shakespeare Ambassadors, aged 9 to 18.

We are from RSC Associate Schools around the UK. We are all passionate about the arts and Shakespeare. As representatives of our schools, we spread awareness of the arts and bring positive change to our communities.

A red circular logo on a white background has the letters YAB on it
The logo for the YAB.

We believe that everyone who is interested has a right to be involved in the arts. Our mission is to make the voices and ideas of young people heard, regardless of age, race, gender and ethnicity.

“We are trying to make the arts more accessible for the youth in the whole country.”

These are some of our finished projects so far:

  • Time to be Heard. A project researching how young people feel about the arts in their schools. We created a set of postcards with their quotes.
  • Exam Boards. Changing the way Shakespeare is taught in school and adding more diverse texts in exams.
  • Promoting anti-racism within the RSC and schools across the country.
  • Exploring mental wellbeing amongst young people due to lockdown and online learning.

Through these projects, we are trying to make the arts more accessible for the youth in the whole country.

We promote equality, try to improve arts education and aim to make positive change in the lives of young people.

Find out more about YAB at the RSC.

Words by Saanvi, member of Shout Out for the Arts and the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Youth Advisory Board.
Photo by Sam Allard, Fisher Studios © RSC.

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