How can we make Warwickshire more child friendly?

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The campaign #ChildFriendlyWarwickshire needs you to help shape our county. They are creating a dialogue and want young people to be heard.

Opportunities for the county

Child Friendly Warwickshire is an exciting programme that brings the county together in a collective mission that creates opportunities for children and young people.

They are looking to businesses, organisations and individuals for ideas, no matter how small, that will nurture the next generation.

Let’s have a dialogue!

They have just launched Dialogue, an online safe space for young people to form ideas and make comments so they can shape where they live.

“Every child and young person is a member of our community and society. To truly be part of a county that is child friendly, the voice of young people must be heard to help shape our future. We will take all opportunities available to involve children and young people in real decision making and allow their voices to make a difference.“

Child Friendly Warwickshire

On their website there is also guidance on how you can encourage young people to vote and get involved with Warwickshire Youth Forums.

Get involved today

Do you know a young person who can help make Warwickshire more child friendly? Get in touch via email, visit the website for more information or head straight to Dialogue to have your say.

Top tip! We would also recommend signing-up to the #ChildFriendlyWarwickshire newsletter to hear about great opportunities for young people and child-friendly things to access in Warwickshire.

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