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A group of school children hold up a sign which says shout out for the arts

Better transport, better prices, better chances! In our video, children and young people talk about why they want to shout out about access to the arts in Warwickshire.

This is just one of the things our Shout Out for the Arts Youth Board and Young Arts Ambassadors had to say in our new video which explains what our project is all about.

“Arts and culture means less than it should. There’s not enough around here. We need more.”

A new trailer

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[All children] We are Shout Out for the Arts Warwickshire.

[Child] We are proud to be the first youth-led Cultural Education Partnership in the country.

[Child] Cultural Education Partnerships support children and young people to fulfil their creative potential and access high quality cultural experiences.

[Child] Where they live.

[Child] Where they go to school.

[Child] Where they spend their free time.

[Child] Art means expressing yourself.

[Child] We believe in the voices of children and young people and want them to be heard.

[Child] Shout Out for the Arts asks three questions to young people across Warwickshire.

[Child] Question one.

[All] What does arts and culture mean to you where you live in Warwickshire?

[Child] Art can mean more things than you think.

[Child] Fashion.

[Child] Visual arts and digital art.

[Child] Pantomimes.

[Child] Theatre.

[Child] Poetry reading.

[Child] Music and singing.

[Child] Museums.

[Child] Photography.

[Child] Dance.

[Child] Films.

[Child] Opera.

[Child] Sculptures.

[Child] Open-mic nights.

[Child] And much more.

[Child] Question two.

[All] What do you want to say or share about arts in your area?

[Child] There are lots of art and things but there’s not much in Nuneaton.

[Child] Wellsbourne, not much happening either.

[Child] We live in Stratford, the home of Shakespeare. We get a lot of tourists.

[Child] I do a performing arts class but it’s the only one in my area that I’ve heard of.

[Child] I would love to see more people who grew up in my area who are famous. It would make me think I might have a chance to be like them.

[Child] Coventry and Birmingham have a lot of sculptures and paintings but Nuneaton, not much.

[Child] There is not much on, but when there are things on, it is around fifty to sixty pound per ticket.

[Child] It’s limited. It’s mainly Shakespeare and old-fashioned plays and music.

[Child] There’s not enough Shakespeare.

[Child] There’s too much Shakespeare.

[Child] Shakespeare is sad.

[Child] There are limited options and not equal opportunities, it depends on where you live in Warwickshire, transport and what school you go to.

[Child] There’s stuff on but I can’t get to it.

[Child] School is the first time I hear about things.

[Child] Arts and culture means less than it should. There’s not enough around here. We need more.

[Child] We have great places but maybe we could upgrade them.

[Child] You are lucky if you have arts in your area.

[Child] Question three.

[All] What else would you like to see happen?

[Child] We need to fund more opportunities to celebrate the range of cultures in Warwickshire.

[Child] What I want to see happen is cheaper tickets for younger people.

[Child] More transportation from places that don’t really have many art events.

[Child] Places can be crowded, I want to make sure that people feel comfortable.

[Child] Shout Out for the Arts to become more accessible, more well-known and more easier to get in touch with.

[Child] I would like to see more museums being built, day by day.

[Child] Schools sharing resources across organisations and areas connection is key.

[Child] Sometimes I see shows with kids in and I don’t know how to be a part of them.

[Child] Last night my mum went to an arts club and I felt like there should be more arts clubs for children because I felt a bit left out.

[Child] I think there should be graffiti parks around Warwickshire because some people think graffiti ruins the landscape but some people see it as art and I think graffiti artists should be given the chance to express themselves without painting all over the walls.

[Child] I would like more arts after-school clubs because there’s not many at my school.

[Child] Better transport. Better prices. Better chances.

[Child] Different branches of art, local performance and social media platforms.

[Child] More awareness of organisation opportunities in the local area.

[Child] Starting earlier so you have more opportunities.

[Child] I would like local arts organisations to invite me into their space-breaking stereotypes.

[Child] Cast that represents me.

[Child] Me.

[Child] Me.

[Child] Me.

[All] Us.

[Child] These questions and answers can help us understand where cultural opportunities are available and where they are needed.

[Child] We want to.

[All] Shout out!

[Child] And bring change to cultural education and the arts in Warwickshire.

[All] Shout out for the arts!

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