Five things our work aims to do

A group of children take part in a dance workshop

In April this year Shout Out for the Arts received funding for a partnership with Barnardo’s and many different events were put into motion. But what are the aims of the work being done?

Since early 2022, Shout Out for the Arts practitioners have been working with teachers, schools and students to recruit and train Young Arts Ambassadors to lead on events across the county.

We are a group of young people and partner organisations who are working towards children having a voice to shout out for access to arts and culture. We believe we should be listening to young people when it comes to accessing arts, culture and heritage – then we can help them experience arts and culture how they want to. 

As a ‘youth-led’ programme, Shout Out for the Arts Warwickshire is managed by a ’Youth Board’ and its mission is brought to life by ’Young Arts Ambassadors’ through Arts Ambassador training in schools.

All of the things being carried out by the team right now, from sessions with schools, to meetings with new potential partners and organisations, are because everyone in the programme is working towards the same aims.

Here are just five of the things we are planning to do with our project:

1. We want access!

We want to create more opportunities for the children and young people of the county, opportunities for those children to: co-lead and co-produce events; take part and create in art projects; have better access to the arts, heritage, and culture in Warwickshire.

2. Let’s create a culture of culture

We aim to make Warwickshire a culturally rich county that invests in the development of its children and young people, giving them lifelong relationships with arts and culture, as leaders, creators, makers, participants and attendees.

3. Support those who need support

We want to raise the profile of arts and culture in Warwickshire by improving access to existing provision, increasing the amount of opportunities available, particularly for those that have the most challenges. This includes: those with mental health challenges; LGBTQ+ communities; those with disabilities; those living in poverty (including digital disadvantage); those in rural isolation or with restricted transport and travel options.

4. Make the next generation of leaders

We develop young people to become leaders and Young Arts Ambassadors, encouraging them to be more actively engaged and empowered to shape arts and culture locally and county-wide.

5. Unlock doors for young people

Shout Out for the Arts works with key gatekeepers in Warwickshire who are critical to enabling children and young people to become leaders and active participants in our programme.

Keep up to date with our work on this blog, as we continue to make this project happen over 2022 and 2023!

Header photo by Erika Giraud, Unsplash.

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