A busy June: news and updates

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A lot has been happening in the last couple of months in the world of Shout Out for the Arts – here is a summary of what we have been up to, plus information about a new opportunity elsewhere for young people to be heard.

Top image: Child Friendly Warwickshire.


Our practitioners Amy and Laura have been busy running workshops in schools throughout June.

This will carry on into July before we ‘break’ for the holidays – workshops will then begin again in September.

Children’s drawings and writing on a piece of white paper
Children write down ideas for how the arts can be for all.
Children perform in a workshop in their school
On their feet in a workshop at Heathcote, Warwick.
A practitioner writes on a white board with a pen
We discuss what the ’arts’ mean.

Their latest workshop, pictured above, was with Heathcote Primary School which is a school in Warwick.

“Wow! What an afternoon. Pupils from years 3 and 5 at Heathcote Primary School were brimming with so many ideas for what arts they want to see. The word ’festival’ was used so watch this space! We will be returning to the school before the holidays to start planning. I know the newly-trained Young Arts Ambassadors will be working hard on their ideas.

Amy, Programme Manager, Shout Out for the Arts

Youth Board updates

Our Youth Board have met twice recently.

During one gathering on a Saturday we talked about ideas for our podcast – what the subjects could be and how we would set it up. We also discussed upcoming event ideas – one stakeholder event for organisations and one called a ‘Tea Party’. The next step is landing dates for both of these events.

At our second meeting in June, we discussed various things, including:

  • Where future Board meetings could be held.
  • How we could increase members.
  • The new film coming soon (explained below).
  • The idea of bringing a guest to Youth Board meetings.

As well as a warm-up and various chats, the Adult and Youth Board saw the first draft of this new website and Saskia from the Board gave her feedback and ideas including the use of more photos and ideas for the ‘Contact us’ page.

An adult and a child sit opposite each other on a table and they write notes
Our first Board meeting in June.

Having a voice on Boards

Part of our focus is identifying opportunities for young people to sit on the boards of arts organisations.

This month we met with a company called Upstart Projects who are going to help us recruit young people for boards, support them with training on how to ‘sit on’ a board and partner boards and young people together.

We want to spread the word to all arts, culture and heritage organisations in Warwickshire about how having young people on their board Is beneficial.

There will be more information coming soon on this particular element of our programme.

A pink and white logo reads ‘Upstart Projects’
Upstart Projects supports young people aged 13-30 to find their voice in the arts and gain the skills and experience to grow as arts and media practitioners.

Trailer coming soon

There is a new film being made at the moment which helps showcase what Shout Out for the Arts in Warwickshire is all about.

As soon as this is available, we can’t wait to share it on this website so you can know more about what we do in video form.

A meeting for the adults

Adult members of staff from the Shout Out for the Arts partner organisations also met this month to update each other on how workshops in schools were going.

They also talked about funding, plans for events and how Shout Out for the Arts will be evaluated.

Young people – the council need your opinions

The last thing to tell you about is a project from our partner Warwickshire County Council called Child Friendly Warwickshire which wants to hear the views of children and young people to help shape the county. They have just launched ‘Dialogue’, a new online discussion platform and now want children and young people in Warwickshire to be heard and have a voice to shape where they live. You can find out more and get involved online.

A yellow and black logo of a bear says Child Friendly Warwickshire
Child Friendly Warwickshire brings the county together in a collective mission to create opportunities and lasting and positive change for children and young people.

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