What is a CEP?

Young people and adult practitioners discuss a workshop whilst sitting in a circle

Shout Out for the Arts is a Cultural Education Partnership (CEP). But what does that mean?

A Cultural Education Partnership is a group of local partners and people, in a county, who join together to support children and young people. Their end goal is to encourage local young people to fulfil their creative potential and access high-quality cultural experiences where they live and where they go to school.

A young student wearing a pink shirt looks at the camera and talks to it
Pictured: A Youth Board member talks about her role in a recent video.

’Partners and people’ might include:

  • Organisations (theatres, arts venues, councils, charities).
  • Adults (people who work for these organisations or freelancers who work for themselves).
  • Teachers and other staff at schools.
  • School pupils and children and young people who might get involved via their school or college, or because they’re part of an organisation like a theatre or music club.

This group then meets regularly to discuss what they’re doing to achieve their mission, as well as planning activities to get other young people to be part of it.

There are CEPs all over the country and Shout Out for the Arts, the CEP in Warwickshire, is the first in the country to be youth-led. That means we have a Youth Board and Young Arts Ambassadors at the heart of decision-making and activities organised.

Watch videos below to find out more about what a CEP is. The first, from Amplify, shows our Youth Board member Saanvi talking about what it’s like being on the Shout Out for the Arts Board. The video also features Clare from the CEP sharing more about the project and the Warwickshire area.

In the film (below) for Festival Bridge, Saanvi spreads the word about what our project is striving to achieve.

“We are working towards improving and promoting arts and cultural opportunities and education for young people.”

Saanvi, Youth Board

If you’re not sure about the meaning of some of the terms of words we’ve used, please check out our Shout Out for the Arts Glossary!

This glossary was an idea that came from one of our recent Youth Board meetings. The children and young people talked a lot about how it felt to see words that weren’t accessible.

You can also find out more about Shout Out for the Arts in Warwickshire online.

Header photo: Stratford-upon-Avon College.

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