Kineton High School’s art competition idea

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The Shout Out for the Arts team recently visited Kineton High School Warwickshire to work with 42 students in our first ever Young Arts Ambassador workshop.

Pupils from years 7 – 12 (KS3-5) took part in a training session with the project’s practitioners. They took on the challenge of coming up with ideas for a competition to be run across Warwickshire.

“What a fab day! The young people were brimming with excellent ideas, both for their school and the Cultural Education Partnership. We are really looking forward to returning to the school for follow-up work!”

Amy, Programme Manager, Shout Out for the Arts

A great first session

As well as generating ideas for the competition, they talked about what they thought made a good leader and what the steps would be in creating a practical plan for running a competition – what would the next stages be? What would a plan look like?

Ideas included competitions for photography, pottery, sculpture or art and prize ideas discussed were school trips and gift cards.

The groups settled on their final decision, to run a competition during which young people can draw, paint or photograph a space in their educational settings that might inspire them in an artistic way or be an important area to chill-out away from the day-to-day of school life.

The winner picked will win a Hobbycraft gift card!

“This was a great first session,” said Sophie from the Learning and National Partnerships team at the Royal Shakespeare Company. “What a great way to kick off how the scheme is going to work and what it is going to achieve. The session was packed with great ideas, with the students showing real excitement. We can’t wait to see the next steps of everything we discussed.”

Sophie, Learning Programme Manager, RSC

Taking things forward

The pupils from Kineton will have the chance to go on and be part of the Young Arts Ambassador scheme which is part of Shout Out for the Arts. The scheme aims to recruit 100 ambassadors across Warwickshire who will lead on delivering this exciting project: programme events, run them, etc.

They’ll also have the chance to join the Youth Board which meets regularly with partner organisations to make key decisions about Shout Out for the Arts.

As Kineton High School take forward their plan to launch a competition, more workshops will be taking place across Warwickshire and beyond in the coming weeks and months. These will be ran by Laura, our Young Arts Ambassador Practitioner and the rest of the Shout Out for the Arts Adult Board.

Photo by Shout Out for the Arts Warwickshire.

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